Sunday, April 1, 2007


Been awhile since I made a post here. Seriously now, it's time to use this. 'Use this' refers to just posting gaming news and stuff, I guess.

News - Sunday - March 31st:

Wii NiGHTS Details

"2-player mode, online play, new characters, underwater levels, epic boss fights and wii-specific posts"

Eidos Still Steamin'

Bring on the rest of the
Thief games and Tomb Raider games and I'm good to go!

My Previews or Reviews:

Sam & Max: Reality 2.0 Review - March 30th

"Episode 4 took the craziness to the presidential level; now Episode 5 takes it to the virtual level. So how is
Reality 2.0? In a few words, it's absolutely wonderful...Of course, the voice acting is once again spot on. I would run up and hug all the writers that give Sam & Max their wonderful and colorful humor and charm, because it's characteristics like these that really make this adventure series what it is, and do a good job of keeping gaming fresh." Final Score: 8.3 out of 10.

Maelstrom Review - March 29th

Maelstrom tries too hard and ends up failing at several core RTS concepts. Poor AI, unnecessary skills, a lame story, and a wonky camera all contribute to the game's shortcoming, but it still retains some dignity with its terraforming system and quick and easy online matchmaking." Final Score: 6.2 out of 10.

Red Ocean Preview - March 27th

"Picture an underwater research facility. Now picture the same underwater facility with terrorists who've taken it over, and you're sent in to annihilate them all with large weaponry. If that tickles your fancy, then Collision Studio's upcoming FPS
Red Ocean will be right up your alley."